Tax planning

Our tax planning services cover a range of areas, working closely with you to help with personal tax planning or your small business tax. We want to help minimise errors and stress on your behalf to ensure a smooth and extensive tax planning experience.

Our skilled and experienced tax planners will explore various tax-saving methods. We'll make sure to take full advantage of exclusions, exemptions, allowances and deductions.

What tax planning services do we offer?

Our team of Chartered Certified Accountants in Hertfordshire cover all tax-related areas, including:

  • Personal taxes
  • Business taxes such as Corporation Tax
  • Tax-efficient employee remuneration strategies
  • VAT returns and planning
  • Inheritance tax strategies
  • Capital gains
  • IR35 advice
  • Profit extraction strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Employment status

Tax planning can be a complex topic, but as one of the friendliest accounting firms in Hertfordshire, we are always happy to help. Contact us for more information, and we'll offer guidance on all your options.

Our accountants can help with tax planning

Our highly-skilled North London and Hertfordshire accountants have access to tax planning resources to help you.

We have an extensive range of reference materials and specialist software, and can access tax legislation, tax cases, and HMRC manuals. With access to detailed commentaries on direct and indirect taxes, we can quickly research any tax topic and provide multiple ways of helping you save tax legally.

We will help you minimise your tax liabilities, complete and file returns, offer advice on estates and trusts, and assist with tax payments. No aspect of tax planning is left untouched; we can help with any concerns and areas.

Why is tax planning important?

Tax planning is as important as planning anything − keeping everything organised and ensuring you're not caught out with a tax liability, all without worrying about over/underpayments, missed deadlines or errors. Dealing with significant amounts of money calls for a structured plan, as the penalties for submitting inaccurate tax returns can lead to fines.

Tax planning helps ensure that you maximise the amount of tax your pay. Our team of tax experts cover Hertfordshire, North London, Barnet and Enfield and can help small businesses, sole traders and individuals effectively maximise tax relief, claim back tax owed to them, and minimise the amount of tax you need to pay to HMRC.

Whether it's personal tax planning or small business tax such as VAT or Corporation Tax, it's essential to keep on top of things to avoid mistakes and keep in line with regulations.

What is business tax in the UK?

Everyone has to pay taxes. Business taxes in the UK are what businesses have to pay, including various taxes depending on the nature of the business.

Small businesses have to pay certain taxes depending on their size, turnover and the activities/products they carry out. Missing any crucial deadlines for paying these taxes can result in hefty fines from HMRC. Plus, HMRC adds interest on overdue payments, so costs can quickly mount up.

Having a plan to cover all the different payments is something we can help with. We can minimise the tax you must pay to HMRC and help you achieve your financial goals. Benefits of tax planning include:

  • Reduction in tax rates and tax bills
  • Use of tax relief legislation
  • Control over payments
  • Organised and controlled payment schedules

As tax regulations are constantly changing, it's helpful to have us on your side to maintain a thorough plan and keep up-to-date with any changes.

Most common taxes to plan

There are multiple taxes in the UK, which can get a little complex. Here are the key ones you may require assistance dealing with:

Tax can be complex and difficult to manage by yourself.

Our team is skilled in handling tax issues and can maintain and optimise these areas to ease your workload. All our work and knowledge abides by tax legislation and case law, so you don't have to worry about anything.

We have tons of advice and are happy to answer any queries. Call us to book your free consultation, and we will guide you through your options.

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