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Making annual accounts easier

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Annual accounts from A K E

Annual accounts

Managing the accounts for your business can be time-consuming. At A K E we can manage and prepare all aspects of your annual accounts for you.

Businesses of all sizes are required to produce annual accounts which must adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.  These could be limited company accounts or partnership accounts. 

At A K E, we can help you stay compliant with all relevant accounting regulations. 

What are a company's annual accounts?

Limited Company Annual Accounts, also known as Year-End Accounts show the company’s financial position and performance over a period. These must be submitted to Companies House by their due date. 

Prepared soon after the year or period end, they can be a valuable tool in assessing the past year to take actions for the forthcoming year. 

From compiling your accounts for HMRC and Companies House to working out your corporation tax requirements, we have our clients covered. 

Our accounts services:

The benefit of our services

How A K E can help with your annual accounts

As well as preparing your year-end statutory accounts – at A K E we work with you to understand your business. We can help to identify opportunities where your business can save on tax, understand your financial performance and position of the business.  We can then offer you tailored advice and support that will make a real difference to your business. 

At A K E, we pride ourselves on being able to produce fully compliant accounts quickly and efficiently – so you can rest assured that you’re staying within the rules and meeting all deadlines. 

Accounts FAQs

We offer a discussion pre-year end with all our clients to discuss the preparation of the annual accounts. This is followed up by a post year end discussion. 

Once we agree on the data to be supplied we aim to complete a draft set within 30 days. 

Nowadays many clients use cloud based systems such as Xero, Sage or Quick Books. These systems have the ability to invite us to access remotely. 

Our internal process means that we can pro-actively engage with our clients at important points to plan for the year end and the preparation of the accounts in a timely manner. 

Filing your company’s accounts is a legal requirement and if you fail to do so and your accounts are filed after the deadline, you’ll automatically receive a penalty notice as well as possible legal action from Companies House. Your company will be at risk of strike off action and you could be prosecuted as Directors. 

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